california || part 1

a couple months back, michael and i had the opportunity to take a trip we have dreamt of doing. we hopped a plane to san diego, california to meet up with my brother and his friend, then the four of us took off on a road trip around the state. there is so much to see in california, i still can't grasp it all. more than two months later and i'm still processing through the shots we took. it was a dream of a trip. 

on day 1, we flew into sd pretty early in the morning. airport pickups are always intense; landing in a far away place but being greeted by family and friends, cramming luggage, camp gear, and four bodies into a baby fiat as fast as possible so you don't get run over. after being reunited we hit up our favorite breakfast spot, ran some pre-roadtrip errands, found a quiet spot on the beach to catch up, and met up with the crew for tiki drinks. the next morning would bring our great adventure.   

first stop on this list, a drive out to the anza borrego, where an artist created over a hundred sculptures that are littered across the desert. imagine driving along and seeing a massive sea monster snaking it's way across the road. that's anza borrego. california is covered in crazy public art like that. 

next, salvation mountain. more of that wild desert art. finally seeing salvation mountain was surreal, just like everything else we saw on the trip. right nearby is slab city, and a community called east jesus. they has such a rad view on how to live. except they keep scorpions and tarantulas as pets, so i won't be moving there anytime soon. 

there's plenty more where that came from