mom + dad

I decided to cap 2015 off with a very special blog post. A few months back I had the honor of going up to my family lake house to take some photos with my adorable parents. We had a perfectly dreary fall day with the lake all to ourselves. It was magic. 

Thankfully since these "clients" were family, they didn't mind me putting other clients (and my sanity) first, resulting in me just now editing and finishing these photos for them. These were more for me than for them, and I'm so happy to have these memories. 

Tim, my dad, retired after 36 years from the Tulsa Police Department. He loves OSU football, banana flavored things, and most of all, fishing. 

Nancy, my mom, came to Tulsa from New Jersey for law school. She works as an attorney, but somehow was able to work from home to be with me and my brother growing up. She loves reading, taking walks, and most of all, family.